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The Perfection of Precision

Faber Castell Artist Pen’s precision and control, defined by Eric Yeo of Ogilvy Singapore.Watch the video here.


The letter shaping game.

Lawrence Yang

Our very own Malaysian born Lawrence Yang brings watercolour and ink to life with his little creatures in a vast landscape of colour. Follow his blog to see what he’s up to daily.

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Modesquisse Fashion Illustration

Modesquisse is a collection of fashion illustrations on magazine and book covers.


The Instant Comfort Pocket Box

Little notes are always scattered around somewhere in my home or kept in little glass jars for my other half to find. They’re a small gesture but they have a pretty big impact. After all it’s the little things that count. Putting those two ideas together adorably, is Kim Welling. The Instant Comfort Pocket Box has cute little messages and illustrations to match.

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Thx thx thx

Saying thank you is something small that people sometimes take for granted. Leah Dieterich has taken gratitude to a whole new, witty and unique level.



She had a book out with a compilation of all her thank you notes.

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Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki and her pretty Japanese girls have always been a favourite of mine. Now it’s time to share :)

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Beautiful Bookies

Book City Jacket makes these beautiful book jackets. Lovely.

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Got Mlk?

Going to the supermarket can never be a bore with designs like these stocking the shelves.

MLK is the winner of various awards including the Epica Awards 2010. MLK  entered the Top-10 of the Package of the Future Contest held in the Framework of Project 2020: The Consumer Experience (PACK EXPO International 2010 (McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA) in October, 2010.

The Real Staples Center

Peter Root  has a Fine Art BA Hons. Peter Root spent ten weeks at the Chitraniketan Artist Residency in Kerala, South India. Peter Root has a lot of patience. How much you ask? See for yourself.

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