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An Unwanted Hiatus

Dear artsy design loving followers,

I will be away for the next 3 days, being dragged by force on a company expedition of sorts to a horrid place to unwillingly partake in a myriad of outdoorsy activities . If I don’t drown, I will be back on Tuesday and I’ll make up for all the lost time with more great finds to satisfy your creative hunger pangs.

A big thank you to you all for all the support and kind words. It’s what keeps me looking for creativity and beauty in the world to share with you.

x, The Magpie

The Wonders of Paper Quilling

Yulia Brodskaya has made a name for herself in the design industry with the use of paper quilling. Her work has been used to advertise some of the biggest names in advertising including Nokia and Coca Cola.



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Ballpoint Pen Magic

That blue ballpoint pen you take notes with and chew on sometimes? It can do some pretty amazing things, as Andrea Joseph proves.

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