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Happy New Year Everyone!

A few words for the new year. x

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Recovery Kit

When life gets you down, pick up a recovery kit with everything you need to bounce back. I love ideas like this. How lovely to receive one.

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Crumpled City Maps

Maps have always been interesting to look through with all their fine details and etchings, especially if they’re old. Crumpled City Maps are a revamped travel-proof version of the age old weathered maps with frayed yellow edges. The entire collection is for kids and features fun attractions for younger tourists. Light and 100% waterproof it comes in 5 cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and Paris. Emanuele Pizzolorusso worked with Italian-based Alvvino who In addition to illustrating the maps also designed the packaging for it. Find them here!

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Vernacular Spectacular

The 22 year old Gareth Leyshon of Studio Garo has a multicoloured body of detailed work. Pretty :)

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Swear Words

Love the name. Love the work.

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Fruita Blanch

Fruita Blanch branding designed by Barcelone based Atipus has that modern element of graphic design splayed throughout magazine spreads and contemporary websites that I just love. Check out their site for more minimalistic creative juice.

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A Macy’s Christmas Story: Tad Carpenter

Teaming up with Tad Carpenter, Macy’s had his signature whimsical illustrations done for their campaign this year. Kudos to Macy’s for appreciating the art of hand drawn art in this day and age. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Antoine Corbineau

Colourful just doesn’t seem to even scratch the surface of describing the work of Antoine Corbineau. All the happy hues and detailed illustrations are full of energy and exude happy juju.

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Learn Something Every Day

Facts and doodles. So simple, yet so addictive and just plain fun.

Brought to you by the creatives of Young, this self-initiated project was launched in August 2009,. Facts were submitted by visitors and a new doodle was put up every day. Within two weeks of launching the site, over 10,000 visitors  from all over the world learnt something new every day.

I’ve checked it every day since I found the site and was sad to find out during their last few days that they gave other artists a chance to illustrate facts since the site would not be continuing any longer.  They do however have a book out compiling all the factoids and fun doodles.


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The Little Printer

An adorable product by Berg Cloud enables you to print on 10 inch pieces  of receipt-like strips of paper.

A more modernized way of passing notes, your favorite feeds from social networking sites can now be shared in hardcopy. My favourite part is printing out to-do lists!

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