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Madalina Andronic

Enter the delicately detailed and intricate patterned world of Russian artist, Madalina Andronic. Colourful and meticulous, the little hand drawn designs featured in all her work remind me of whimsical folk tale dreams. The first Christmas-ey reindeer is my favourite that led me to her.

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Sagaki Keita

Japanese artist Sagaki Keita gives a whole new meaning to seeing one thing in two different ways. His doodles of classical art pieces are whimsically made up of little cartoon like characters. Lots of them.

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Let’s Focus on the Unattainable

You have to love Marc Johns‘ work. Because of it’s simplicity, cleverness, wit, delight and obvious humour.

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I want to be with you, next to you, talk to you, play with you

Reading beautiful words is one thing. Having them written as an art is another. Combine the two, and it’s the artistry of Chris Ballasiotes.



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Draw Your Mind

Of all the TED Talks, my favourite is Sir Ken Robinson’s enlightening talk on Changing the Paradigms of Education, illustrated and animated by the very talented artists at RSA Animate.  Each illustration cleverly links to the next point with quirky and fun drawings. Here are a few random illustrations from other videos by RSA Animate.


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Look at all the Pretty Cities

Vesa Sammalisto is a Finnish illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin, Germany. Loving all the structured details in his pieces.

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Ooh watercolour prettyness in tiny little shapes! Doesn’t it make your Wednesday so much better? Introducing the work of Kazuko Nomoto who illustrates under the name Nomoco. She is now based in the UK.


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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

160 pages. 12 slices for 12 months.

Designed by Burak Kaynak, these notebooks make packaging oh so important as a clever medium for selling a product. Love.






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Laura Laine

All hail the Queen of Fashion Illustration, Laura Laine.



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