Lucas Grogan

I know I say it a lot, but it’s all about the details people! Lucas Grogan has it down to a t.

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5 thoughts on “Lucas Grogan

  1. mudlips says:

    Not being familiar with his work, I first thought it was lace. In fact, even after knowing the scale and all, I still think it is.

  2. mdkiehl says:

    My work is a little like this but typically at a much, much smaller scale. Maybe I should be working larger… I dunno. In today’s world with the internet, “big” and “small” doesn’t seem to matter as much. Plus I can work small and then have it reproduced big.

  3. I thought they were quilts! Gorgeous and inspiring pieces. Thanks for posting the link to his site, I really like the applications of his work — the building exterior is beautiful.

  4. XLG says:

    Aww thanks!
    Some of them are needlepoint quilts too x

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