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Allison Colpoys

At one point in my life I wanted to design book covers. Some are just too gorgeous that I’m convinced the stories they hold might just be as amazing as the cover art and it’s all because of talents like Allison Colpoys.

Book designer for Penguin Books Australia, Allison Colpoys beautifully decorates the front of book covers with handwritten fonts and splashes of colour. They’re all so gorgeous!

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Caitlin Foster

Artist Caitlin Foster’s work is amazingly intricate and meticulous. You know how I love me some crazy detailed work.

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A View From On High

Spectacular views always make all my problems feel so small and insignificant while putting things in perspective. Just what we all need on a Monday morning. These photographs by Navid Baraty are so beautifully detailed and it’s possible to get lost in them.

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Little Red Door

Miniature homes! These cuties are designed by Little Red Door. My Sunday just got that bit happier :)

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Sidewalk Psychiatry

We all think thoughts; consciously and subconsciously.  TED Senior Fellow Candy Chang has creatively come up with an idea that will literally stop you in your tracks, posing insightful questions on sidewalks. I really think it could help you with the conundrums playing on repeat in your head.

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Plywood Elephant Packaging

Anything sporting an elephant design element and I’m sold.

Designed by student, Ann Hoff, her packaging design revolves around Charles and Ray Eames’ Plywood Molded Elephant. Perched on its back are colourful little boxes of skincare products.


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Thank you for writing on my bread

Designed by Sarah Nicely,these pretty designs for Flourpot Bakery’s products are so whimsical and pretty and were inspired by twirled Christmas lights!

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Inject a little colour into your Wednesday why don’t you?

Beastman has an uber colourful fix to brighten up a dreary day. Based in Sydney, his work is strongly influenced by nature’s  geometric patterns and lines. He has created artwork for clients such as Hyundai, Smirnoff, Red Bull and Tiger Beer.

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Rob Bailey

Sharp, precise and colourific, Rob Bailey designs modern art that has depth and perspective that I just can’t stop looking at. I especially love them doggies!

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Sagmeister Inc.

Sagmeister Inc.  created a modern brand identity for EDP.  Sagmeister’s teamed with Brand New School to develop an animated storyline that connects from one to the next perfectly. Watch the full video here.

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