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8 thoughts on “A Thought

  1. I totally agree with the sentiment. I remember Tipp O’Neill, Speaker of The House, being asked how he achieved so much and he relied that he allowed others to take the credit. I have found that giving everyone their due credit in any enterprise is way to get committment and effort beyond the call of duty.
    Dermot McCabe

  2. I like the bit about ideas not being ours. I’ve always been of the belief that artists/thinkers/etc simply act as channels through which their creations can come to light. I think we can all draw from that same well, it just depends on how we express it. Nice post

  3. mycaddisfly says:

    You are right .. there is no such thing as an original thought ..
    Well said ..

  4. ◐ mode analogue says:

    very wise words……….

  5. I have seen this before!! It has been a few years ago, but I was surpirsed and delighted to find that my philosphy of life is apparently on target for The Best Life! If you look at your cupboard or closet, you know that at some point, things have to taken out and used up or you run out of room for more. Thank you for sharing this very important “law of the Universe”…The more you give, the more you get! AmberLena

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