The “Ish” Watch

The “Ish” Watch by Hyphen is so very cleverly designed and classy looking that it ties in with being fashionably late! The story behind the idea that has been worked into the packaging design is an interesting one too.

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5 thoughts on “The “Ish” Watch

  1. I just considered bulding a wall-clock for my home office in that manner… nice idea and design.

  2. E.V. Brennan says:

    Haha, I love that! I don’t think I’d ever want one, but it’s so cool.

  3. Reblogged this on AbstractCartography and commented:
    I need one of these…

  4. rubina21 says:

    this is hilarious n very true! :P

  5. lavidasuburbia says:

    Fun! My watch battery died a while ago and it was noonish when it happened. So I set it to “12” and have left it there. It reminds me to stay Present, since it’s always now o’ clock.

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