Ray Toh’s Ideabook

First off, thank you to WordPress for choosing Little Commas to be featured on Freshly Pressed for the second time! Also, thank you to everyone who visited, liked posts, started following and for all your kind words. I’ll keep being a design magpie and collecting creative ideas to share with you guys!

And now, for today’s post.

Singaporean illustrator and concept artist Ray Toh’s idea book is a curation of his sketched work but what makes it more interesting is that it’s designed so that readers can add in their own illustrations – which means aside from really nice packaging, there are cool detailed drawings in it too! It comes with a simply designed black pencil tucked into the spine of the book. There’s just something about black pencils that I love.

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11 thoughts on “Ray Toh’s Ideabook

  1. I kinda want one of these, where can I get hold of one?? :) that guy looks like a fantastic sketch artist :)

  2. Beautiful sketches. Glad you got Fresh Pressed, so now I can follow you! Illustration and graphic design is my passion too… can’t get enough of it.

  3. nmbpro says:

    The packaging is really thoughtful, and I love the logo. Somehow, black pencils always look a bit more interesting and refined.

    Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed.

  4. christine says:

    These are gorgeous. Thanks for finding them.


  5. The Social Refugee says:

    Thanks for sharing info on this wonderful illustrator that I didnt know exist. Shame on me cause I come from the same exact place. :[

  6. kmcburnie says:

    What a brilliant idea! Great share.

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