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Lucile Prache

Because we could all use a little colour in our lives and I just got some news that is going to make my home life unbearable. So here are some happy colourful illustrations by Lucile Prache that I can stare at to feel better.

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Sophie Griotto

Sophie Griotto is a French illustrator who conjures up these sleek, long and lanky colourful women. I especially love the mood each fashionable illustration exudes. Take a look at what I mean.



Atipo is the Spanish design studio behind these arresting series of posters dedicated to four type designers. Combining face painting, modeling and typography, the end results are beautiful photographs depicting the classic fonts of Caslon Italic, Clarendon Bold, Helvetica Bold and Carousel Medium.




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Levi’s Locals Only

This beautifully simple layout design by Victor Lieberath for Levi’s is so artsy and stunning. Once again proving less is so much more.

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Light Installations in the Forest

Korea based photographer Lee Jung created this gorgeous series of beautifully worded light installations. Imagine coming across these neon messages while taking a walk in the forest!


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Blow Job

Once an architect, Tadoa Cern is now travelling the world making his creative personal projects come to life. Blow Job is one of them. Aptly named, these photographs are literally blowing people away.

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Thursdays are the new Fridays

The play on words for this rebranding campaign for Agda is so much fun. Take a peak.



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Moomah Creative Arts Cafe Branding

Take a look at these whimsical branding collaterals by Apartment One for Moomah Creative Arts Cafe.

Identifying and playing off Moomah’s four core values: connect, create, discover, and nourish – a whimsical and fun identity was born.

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Depressed Copywriter

When copywriters are driven to the edge of fluff and subheads, this is what happens.

It’s like advertising graffiti.

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