Light Installations in the Forest

Korea based photographer Lee Jung created this gorgeous series of beautifully worded light installations. Imagine coming across these neon messages while taking a walk in the forest!


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4 thoughts on “Light Installations in the Forest

  1. Hey! I was at a neon workshop this week, bended some glass myself, and saw how these neon writings are made. Fascinating. Especially when used in this way!!!

  2. ishg says:

    Simply dazzling (for a moment there, I was tempted to say ‘brilliant!’ before I caught myself. =P). There was a similar installation in Perth last Jan, although I didn’t get to note down the artist (bad me!). Here’s my favorite quote:

  3. Febrina Widihapsari says:

    Reblogged this on Febrina Widihapsari and commented:
    Cool! :D

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