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Making Stuff & Doing Things

Nicole Lavelle and her words are what we all feel but will never say out loud. I especially love the one about rushing towards a beautiful storm.

Her handwriting is also kinda crazy gorgeous in the most relaxed way.

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Carson Davis Brown Photography

Photographer and designer Carson Davis Brown is the man behind these smoky photographs in the forest that are just plain dreamy. The photographs are part of his Cabin Time Project series.

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The Art of Packing by Louis Vuitton

This video is a real mid week boost.

Designed with classic Louis Vuitton style, The Art of Packing  is a video with little tips and tricks on how to pack all your essentials into a LV suitcase from folding techniques (which I love and will never have the patience to actually practice) and arrangement.

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Eva Juliet

The About section on Eva Juliet’s website describes Eva and Juliet as two different people and is quite unique in itself. Check it out here.

I have collected and loved her art for a long time and I’m glad to have finally found the source of these pretty and refined illustrations!

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OWEN interior design

OWEN in new York City is a new boutique designed by architect Jeremy Barbour that features 25,000 brown paper bags lining the wall and ceiling. I love how such a simple idea can have a huge impact.


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Irrelevant old paintings and some modern nonsense

The title of the post is not in any way the description of the following work, it’s in one of the artworks (just to make that clear, because I do like the copywriting for these pieces).

Put twelve architects and designers together, give them access to the collections and archives of Plymouth City Museum, and the result is a witty and honest exhibition called Cabinet.

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Connecticut-based Bryan Nash Gill makes these beautiful prints from fallen trees. The outcome of the laborious printmaking process are these intricately detailed art pieces that somehow make you stop and think about everything that really matters. Somehow I feel a book just doesn’t do it justice – these pieces need to be blown up and hung on walls in people’s home for the full effect.

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Alessandra Olanow Totes

Alessandra Olanow designs these adorable bags that are really neatly detailed. That handwriting ought to be a font!


Fedigroni Paper Packaging

Designed for Fedrigoni, an Italian paper company who make fine quality special papers, Jonathan Shackleton created this artistic manner of displaying Fedigroni’s paper. I really like how he made the connection of showcasing paper through fashion with an overall end result that oozes crisp high end style.

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Sprouted Kitchen

I love food and I love photography. I recently stumbled upon he perfect combination of both at Sprouted Kitchen. Feast your eyes on these.

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