Grant Snider

Grant Snider draws these intelligent and quirky comics that capture a witty personality you have to love. In its simplicity and humour, there’s something deeper that you know stems from great intelligence.

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12 thoughts on “Grant Snider

  1. loveprélude says:

    Interesting the ‘paths to success’ and ‘conspiracy of colors’!

  2. I love the last one!

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  4. Frances antoinette says:

    Haha…I especially liked the Murakami one!

  5. What creative and lovely illustrations…loved them all

  6. Ana: says:

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    Me encantó!

  7. John-Paul says:

    Wonderful. I passionately dislike and compulsively read Murakami.

  8. coxcastillo says:

    behind every great novelist is a… I liked that theyre true!!!

  9. coxcastillo says:

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    witty reps!

  10. iamchp says:

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  11. babylovebrand says:

    Love it!

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