Connecticut-based Bryan Nash Gill makes these beautiful prints from fallen trees. The outcome of the laborious printmaking process are these intricately detailed art pieces that somehow make you stop and think about everything that really matters. Somehow I feel a book just doesn’t do it justice – these pieces need to be blown up and hung on walls in people’s home for the full effect.

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7 thoughts on “Woodcuts

  1. Naturally beautiful!

  2. andy logan says:

    oh wow what a great idea!!! i want a print! i want to do this myself as well.

  3. Heather.B says:

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    {from The Littlest Comma blog}
    I’m in total agreement with the blog author – these need to be wall art, and not just in a fabulous book. Maybe a fun project to try sometime?

  4. whollykao says:

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    I don’t reblog people’s stuff that often, but when I saw this, I just had to! Lovely prints, taken from a tree trunk.

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