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All Mapped Out

Stephen Walter’s almost childlike drawings of detailed maps are a real treat to look at. I can imagine enjoying these in a museum on a Saturday afternoon, exploring each word and miniscule illustration.

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Big Appetites

This is kind of like a double post since aside from Christopher Boffoli’s Big Appetite project, his website itself is another work of art that could use a feature of it’s own! The self-taught photographer has such an amazing imagination seeing things the way he does. It’s such a whimsical little world for tiny people amongst a world of food. Even better, on his website, they move!

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Ramon Lenherr

Check out these sophisticated and clean designs by Swiss graphic designer, Ramon Lenherr. A nice way to ease into the end of the week innit?


Luci Everett

Melbourne based Luci Everett has an easy unplanned artistic style that just works. It’s almost effortless and it shows. What’s not to love?



The Neuw Denim Brand Bible

The Neuw Denim Brand Bible (The Neuw Testament) is a collaborative effort by Luke Brown and Right Angle Studio. Something so effortless and minimal is never easy to pull off. It makes for easy reading and just downright good-looking editorial design. It takes a lot to make it all look so easy and I really appreciate that.


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Rooms from Above

Menno Aden has a really interesting series of photographs capturing a bird’s eye view of rooms. It’s so refreshing to see things from up top, giving the room a personality of it’s own. It’s also a quick view of the entire space and a person’s life. I wonder what mine would look like.

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Miel Honey Packaging

I love that these little jars of honey come all packed up in a tiny bag designed by Nora Renaud. It makes the whole process of taking out a jar of honey to slather on bread feel so cosy and warm.

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Monument of Change As A Verb

The Guggenheim Museum,  The Museum of Modern Art,  The Getty Center.

Just a few of the many places where Peter Wegner has exhibited his work. The Monument of Change As A Verb is a beautiful project using adverbs, 300 of them to be exact.


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Astrid Stavro Studio Labels

 Astrid Stavro Studio designed the pretty labeling for these jars of Son Brusque food products. Anything hand scrawled is always high on my list of artsy likings.

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Let’s Get Into the Details

Jean De Wet is an illustrator based in South Africa. His line work is so very detailed and adds such depth to his work that it takes a moment to soak in all the little details that you don’t see at first glance.

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