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The Cocktails Poster

This is such a pretty poster done with class. I love me some cocktails and these look exceptionally good. Almost like an infographic for alcohol lovers. What a lovely gift it would be all framed up. The best part is that you can actually buy it here.  By the way, this delectable design is brought to you by 24 year old Konstantin Datz, the same creative mind behind Rubiks Cube for the blind.

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The Talking Wall

Created by Elvis Communications, the “Liverpool Wall” was created for Virgin Trains. The wall is actually a huge interactive digital screen controlled by a team of creatives sitting in a building across the street. When people pass by, the team conjures messages targeted at a specific person. The main idea behind the very fun concept was to promote Virgin Trains quickest ever route from Liverpool to London. There’s also a massive cursor that points at people. What’s not to love?

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Rubiks Cube for the Blind

This concept of the Rubiks Cube is so thoughtful and interesting. Each of the colours have been turned into Braille and the end result is a really classy looking cube.

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Emerald Snow

I found the perfect artist for a Friday – Emerald Snow. Doesn’t the name alone make you think of relaxing with a warm (preferably spiked) cup of comforting goodness while watching the raindrops make their way down your window? The artist’s name is in fact Paulina and she hails from Slovak which influences her very detailed prints. I love the way she mixes her muted colours – check them out here. Happy weekend everyone!


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Pattern Matters

Siang Ching is a Singapore based Graphic Designer and Illustrator who founded the wondrous world of Pattern Matters. Using patterns in a mind warping yet wonderful manner, all the fun projects by Pattern Matters are really exciting and fun to play and interact with. Be sure to check out their site and see how these funky calendars move!

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Naked Beer

Hello all ye artsy people. I’m back after a long much needed break. I found some pretty neat designs during my break and I’ll be sharing them with you over the next few days. Let us begin!

Now this is what I call creative. Something so simple, yet so powerful that it really makes an impact. I’d stop in my tracks when scanning a fridge filled with lots of drinks to look at this – Naked Beer. Designed by Russian- based art director & graphic designer, Timur Salikhov, these cans are really minimally artistic. That clever liner doesn’t go unnoticed either.


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Goliath Footwear’s New Swaggerific Brand Identity

Bet you haven’t seen a footwear brand with this much style and swag. Studio Beige re-designed Goliath Footwear’s brand identity with one common idea – attention to detail. A principle that I apply to both life and design.  The results are always beautiful.

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Lucy Engelman

Take a look at the work of the very talented and detailed Lucy Engelman. These would make the loveliest postcards that I would frame up and never ever use. Ever.

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James T. Mondson

Anything hand­made is always high on my list of things to love and these handmade script let­ter­ing designs but James T. Mondson is just that. Some are intricate and cleverly woven into one another, while others are simple and neat but with enough character to hold their own. I wish I could come up with something half as good as these babies.


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Joanne Young

These gorgeous girls are the brainchild of Joanne Young, a Melbourne based artist. Their dark set eyes and plump lips almost make them look like real people. Real gorgeous high fashion model people that is.

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