Bug Memorials

I came across this project and thought it was really cute and thoughtful. I don’t like cockroaches but, the idea got to me. Designed by the folks at Carmichael Collective, an ongoing project, little memorials were set up in memory of a dead roach. Anything miniature is on my list of things to love. This however, is just too cute.

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5 thoughts on “Bug Memorials

  1. torie says:

    so absolutely amusing and cute.

  2. La Maga says:

    I used to do these when I was about 10 years old. My friends and I would actually hold a memorial service for bees and butterflies! HA!

  3. mtncat says:

    For your list of things to love: Slinkachu, mini street installations. There is a book out, or more at http://slinkachu.com/

  4. lol this is a first. i have never seen a bug memorial before in my life

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