Pattern Matters

Siang Ching is a Singapore based Graphic Designer and Illustrator who founded the wondrous world of Pattern Matters. Using patterns in a mind warping yet wonderful manner, all the fun projects by Pattern Matters are really exciting and fun to play and interact with. Be sure to check out their site and see how these funky calendars move!

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7 thoughts on “Pattern Matters

  1. modernplum says:

    These calendars are so much fun and are full of information. I’d love to have them on my wall as art!

  2. […] das ist das september blatt eines kalender, zu finden bei pattern matters.[via] […]

  3. god i want that so much!! :D need some siper cool creative thing in my life and everyone needs one of these!! gorgeous talent :)

  4. coxcastillo says:

    These Calendars are so artsy!!! I like them and you give me the idea to create one! and how to face an exciting new day! So motivational..

  5. coxcastillo says:

    Reblogged this on coxcastillo and commented:
    THIS IS A REBLOG!!! A new way to face a new Day :)

  6. simplechaoticlife says:


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