Rubiks Cube for the Blind

This concept of the Rubiks Cube is so thoughtful and interesting. Each of the colours have been turned into Braille and the end result is a really classy looking cube.

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6 thoughts on “Rubiks Cube for the Blind

  1. I love this. My dad is blind (I blog about him often) and he is an absolute whiz with puzzles. He always used to help me with my admaths in school. I really want to get him one of these. He’ll like it. Do you know where I can order one?

  2. love it. why shouldn’t the blind be able to have a go at this classic puzzle :) such a clean design as well, sighted people can appreciate the design while blind people can now enjoy the game. great :)

  3. yellowzzz says:

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    Super creative… u just need an eye to look at the brighter side of anything… this is a great example… keep innovating.. help people..

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