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Lumadessa designs these minimalistic and modern animal prints that have been popping up all over the net. So sleek aren’t they?

Meaning ‘light’ and ‘adventurous journey’ Lumadessa is a design label by New Media Art Director Josh Brill. By the way, 1% of profits are donated to Animal and Environmental charities.

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Deana Staffo

Designing for a slew of clients, Deana Staffo is no stranger to the illustration world. The Baltimore-based illustrator has such a distinct and unmistakable drawing style that I adore.

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A Studio Life

Designed by the good people at Grid, these series of illustrations cleverly pick out the highlights of a design studio. I love the graphic representations for each aspect – oh so clever.


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Eduard Dimasov

The beautiful Arabic calligraphy of Eduard Dimasov is an art unto itself. Lines that twirl with grace and poise form pure art that can be read. Amazingly, he has never been taught any classic Arabic calligraphy which makes me think that more than anything and above all else, it is art first, and a language second.

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Leonardo Ulian

Leonardo Ulian is the London-based artist behind this detailed piece called Technological Mandala No. 2. Made of the most minute microchips and other computer bits and pieces, Leonardo proves that absolutely anything can be turned into art if you have the eye for it.


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Where fruits meet fashion illustration

I’ve featured Ekaterina Koroleva’s work before but I have to add another post about these new clever illustrations of hers. Inspired by the colours of fruits, these simple yet stunning pieces of work are fit for the walls of an art gallery.

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Impress A Penguin

I love that this adorable little penguin actually sighs! This fun site is actually looking to recruit a new Community Manager in a very clever manner. Who’d have known?! The little penguin’s story is so cute that I’d like to see a few more for other positions.

By the way, I’ll be back with new artsy inspiration on the 19th. Taking a well deserved break :)


Needle and thread

Rebecca Chew is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. Right now she’s the art director of Esquire Malaysia and Esquire Singapore. It’s clear to see how she can fill both shoes so well. Her style and imagination are on a whole other level. Only one of many examples is this piece – lettering stitched for the Fall Fashion Issue of Esquire. So clever, so hard, and oh so good.

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100 Little Faces by Stasia Burrington

Check out this remarkable Etsy find – 100 Little Faces illustrated by the very talented and creative Stasia Burrington. She’s a freelance illustrator and fine artist based in Bellevue and her work has been featured in a long list of shows. She has a lot of illustrative styles under her belt but this set of girls with 100 different hair styles is my absolute favourite.


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Fuchsia Macaree

Irish illustrator Fuchsia Macaree has come up with a very one-of-a-kind alphabet poster with illustrations based on untranslatable words. I’ve seen lots of these words everywhere but this is a fun combination of the words and an alphabet poster. The best one is the German word ‘backpfeifengesicht’ meaning ‘a face in need of a slap’. Love it. See all 26 illustrations here. Also I need to add that Fuschia’s name is just so whimsical sounding that you know whatever she designs is going to be just as fun.


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