Bike Like A New Yorker is a bikers dream – run by and for the bikers of New York, the organisation promotes bicycling in all ways and forms including daily tips and deals. To celebrate the launch of, this beautiful ad campaign was designed with excellent copywriting and typography laid out on the streets of the Big Apple.

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6 thoughts on “Bike Like A New Yorker

  1. Keira says:

    The copy on the “” website states:

    “On the eve of Citi Bike NYC’s expansive bike share system and to celebrate the launch of, Transportation Alternatives teamed up with the marketing gurus at Mother NY to create Bike Like a New Yorker.”

    The only problem is the bike share program, which was supposed to launch in late July has been delayed to the spring of 2013, and that is not even definite. Sadly, there is no there there to this campaign.

  2. Great!
    Haven’t seen the campaign yet.
    Some thoughts: cycling in NY can be dangerous. But cyclists, too, can be very dangerous.

  3. E. says:

    “individual but not alone” is so so true. as a biker myself, i long to cycle on NY streets one day.

  4. alasnyc says:

    Amazing, I remember when they started putting in the bike lanes. Oh NYC, no matter how corporate it gets, the place remains magical. I miss my old home. Great blog entry!

  5. this is amazing! new york is such a dangerous place to bike but driving is just so hard unless you’ve got someone to do it for you -too busy. this is very cool

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