Where fruits meet fashion illustration

I’ve featured Ekaterina Koroleva’s work before but I have to add another post about these new clever illustrations of hers. Inspired by the colours of fruits, these simple yet stunning pieces of work are fit for the walls of an art gallery.

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5 thoughts on “Where fruits meet fashion illustration

  1. soyandsauce says:

    This is very pretty :) I wish I could buy all of those and put it on my wall :D

  2. WOW!! This idea of yours to post Ekaterina Koroleva’s work has intrigued me immensely! I love this kind of art, which combines nature with fashion. Such a brilliant idea to involve the inner details of the particular fruit within the silhouette of the head. Realising what fruits exactly had been used has interested me even more and now I will be checking her out online. Thank you for posting some of her work on your blog. It has been the highlight of my day! Such an inspiration!!!! :D

  3. Reblogged this on Stitch Mode and commented:
    Thank you for posting to your blog. Such an amazing set of fashion illustrations!

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