Leonardo Ulian

Leonardo Ulian is the London-based artist behind this detailed piece called Technological Mandala No. 2. Made of the most minute microchips and other computer bits and pieces, Leonardo proves that absolutely anything can be turned into art if you have the eye for it.


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5 thoughts on “Leonardo Ulian

  1. Leo Rex says:

    OH WOW. I love the symmetry of the art. Caught my attention while I was scrolling through.

  2. LordByrum says:

    Woah do I love this. Makes me think of being a kid and obliterating an old computer. Wish I would of done this with the parts.

  3. wow it’s like the nerdiest most creative re-use for a computer i’ve ever seen :D wasted computers are seen as poisonous or harmful or whatever because they’re made of things that are hard to degrade but this just goes to show that they can remain useful in other ways once their original function has passed. love it!!

  4. lifebeam says:

    I’d love to have one of his art on my walls at home.

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