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I’m off to China for a trip so I won’t be updating Little Commas. But I’ll still be on the lookout for exciting stuff in China. See you all in November :)

Pietro Gala Pasta Packaging

Designed by Fresh chicken agency in Russia, these fun packaging designs for Pietro Gala pasta are a clever use of the die cut method. These boxes are so cute that I’d keep them and fill them with things just to see them in his tummy!

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Mikko Kuorinki

Based in Helsinki, Mikko Kuorinki has simply gathered quotes from philosophers, authors and poets and created a series of inspiration with 200 letters. I really like that instead of photographs of paintings, words can also be seen today as a work of art all on their own.


The Art of Chemex Coffee

This is a great video to cruise into the weekend with. The Chemex coffee making method can really be an art all on its own. Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean. Happy weekend everyone!

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English is not easy

Continuing on the subject of great book finds, this is one that I need to get. Cleverly combining the intricacies of the English language paired with witty illustration, Luci Gutiérrez illustrates how English is not easy. If our textbooks in school were this interesting, I think a lot more people would speak and write better English.

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National Hero Registration Form

This adorable National Hero Registration Form is the brainchild of Michael W. Mateyko and Hans B. Thiessen who make up KOMBOH. I love that adults can get excited about these things too – it’s almost more exciting for us than for kids!


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The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science

I have lots of books about useless facts I will never need to know but interest me nonetheless. I also have sections of my bookshelf dedicated to illustrated books. This book that I’ve just found is the perfect combination of the two. Pairing today’s most creative illustrators with interesting questions like how long trees live and why we dream is The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science.

Some of my favourite illustrators that have been featured decorate the pages with their signature drawings including Lisa Congdon, Gemma Correll, and Jon Klassen.

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Maria del Marsacasa

Food styling wizard, Maria del Marsacasa is a professional food stylist and food writer. Take a look at these delectable photographs styled by the woman herself. Oh so yummy.

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Classy Pasta Brand Identity

Firstly, I just want to say that I haven’t been updating because I’ve been sick and resting at home. Now I’m better and ready to share my findings with all and sundry!

Holy mother of all Brand Identity. This is the classy defined for an Italian pasta brand by student Yanko Djarov. Can I just plug this here – student work today is some kind of fabulous. I digress. La Forma Saporita means “the tasty shape” and is supposed to be an Italian brand that manufactures pasta goods.


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The Whimsy of Clair Rossiter

Ooh I stumbled upon these last week – the whimsical illustrations of Clair Rossiter. Her handwriting alone is a work of art, a font waiting to be made. Her drawing style is somehow fun and kiddy yet still stylish enough to be loved by adults. Or adults with the kid still in them.

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