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Zoo in my hand

As always, I make sure Friday posts are fun to get you in the right mood to start the weekend. This time I’ve got the cutest little book filled with an entire zoo! This forty-page cutout pocket book from ikskdesign is so simple and sure to keep you and the little ones busy for hours on end. I would make them all just for keeps to place around the house!

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Beer+Food Calendar

As the year draws to an end, we are all on the lookout for a designer calendar to carry us through the coming year. My beer and food loving friends, I bring you – the Beer+Food Calendar. Simply named, all 12 months feature an illustrated variety of beer and its ideal food mate.

Best part is, each month can be trimmed to be used as art or a postcard!

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Pretty Pasta Packaging

I’d buy these pastas just for the boxes! Each box is so happy and colourful. Designed by Alessia Olivari, each pasta has a different pattern that recalls Italian tradition.

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Lincoln website

I haven’t seen Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ but the website is something to behold. An elegant flashback into the olden days, the art direction honours the time period and has a dash of modernity as well. Designed by the good people at Watson, Lincoln’s site is a great teaser to get people to go buy a ticket.


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I’m freelancing!

Hi all,

This special weekend update is to announce that I’m now freelancing!

I’ve been freelancing as a graphic designer for some time now but I’ve never officially put the word out. So here it is! Pass the word around and let me know if you need anything! Thanks everyone :)



Ed McGowan’s Photo-a-Day Project in China

On my recent trip to China I snapped lots of photographs of the places we visited. Each city had something new and different that I wanted to remember. On Ed McGowan’s trip however, he snapped just one photograph a day. I honestly wish he had taken more only because his photographs are so gorgeous.

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94 wines

Wow. This has got to be the most modernised wine packaging I’ve seen. Gone are the days of just handing over a bottle of wine when arriving at a guest’s house for a party. Dutch startup 94wines has added a fun and modern way of sending the recipient of their wine a message – via QR code! The pretty colours and numbers differentiate their wines from one another.

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A Merry Mix of Colours by Katherine Smith-Schad

It’s only Tuesday. We could all use some bright and happy tie-dyed colours to snap us out of the day-to-day blues. To help us, is artist Katherine Smith-Schad and her merry mix of colours.


Bunny Pirates

Ooh lookie! 3D designs that are a mix of all things artsy – illustration, paper cutting and good old imagination. Meghan Stratman is the creative mind behind these fun mix of child like pieces of art. I love the whole collage feel which has been taken to a whole new level of safistication. Also, you have to love the name of her Carbon Made page – Bunny Pirates.

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Ideal Bookshelf

I came across Ideal Bookshelf, the book, before I found out that it actually began as a series of illustrations. Illustrator Jane Mount began painting people’s bookshelves in 2007, naming the series “Ideal Bookshelf”. I agree with what she says on her website which is that we can tell a lot about someone based on their books – it’s how I discover people and their personalities that are sometimes hidden on their bookshelf. This is one book that I would love to add to my very own bookshelf.

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