Macaroons always get the prettiest packaging designs. These are from Mexico based studio Anagrama. Sampling the brush strokes of French postimpressionist Pierre Bonnard, the line was designed for a tea and confectionary shop. The overall look is both effortless and classy. Those pastel colour combinations are lovely too.






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3 thoughts on “Bonnard

  1. Gracie Smith says:

    Hi! I saw a pic of this on Pinterest the other day. Loved it then , love it more now – very cool packaging. You’re right to honor it with a blog post.

    Keep writing, love your blog. -Grace

  2. deliakrimmel says:

    I love the packaging design for the confectionary shop; very refreshing and unique. When I visited Charleston, SC I saw a few gourmet chocolate brands with artistic themes but only the chocolates themselves were the art and not the packaging.

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