Chocolates with atittude

Created by Bessermachen, these gorgeous chocolates with attitude are designed to fit your personality. Which one are you?

1_6_12_ chocoattitude_11_6_12_ chocoattitude_21_6_12_ chocoattitude_3

1_6_12_ chocoattitude_4

1_6_12_ chocoattitude_5 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_6 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_7 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_11 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_13 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_15 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_18 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_20 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_26

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7 thoughts on “Chocolates with atittude

  1. E. says:


  2. mycaddisfly says:

    Where can I purchase? .. very nice

  3. lifebeam says:

    Love these. Yes. Where can I buy some?

  4. albertopr says:

    They look good interesting vintage design.

  5. Officiella says:

    I love those little round containers! So perfect and beautiful. And those texts: Seducer, I can resist anthing except temptation :o) great :o)))

  6. krisztianna says:

    oh my goodness…there is so much goodness…..<3

  7. matthias says:

    amazing! beautiful typography ;)

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