Mosaic Photography

How apt to post about celebrities in light of the recent Oscars! I found these really interesting mosaic photographs of celebs by Maurizio Galimberti. How clever right? I’d like to have one some day.


MaurizioGalimberti2 MaurizioGalimberti3



MaurizioGalimberti8 MaurizioGalimberticatherinezeta


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6 thoughts on “Mosaic Photography

  1. dalecooper57 says:

    Very clever, thanks for posting these.

  2. beverlyq says:

    Mosaic photography gives a great dynamic to the composition! Beautiful!

  3. Nice! Reminds me of David Hockney, he also has some great mosaic photography works.

  4. thebehenjialterego says:

    Absolutely love Sting’s mosaic

  5. Reblogged this on Starlit Corner* and commented:
    So stunning!

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