I Promise to Love You

Even after tremendous heartbreak, I am still a romantic. Which is why it was lovely to stumble upon these neon billboards by contemporary artist Tracey Emin. Set up in the heart of Times Square, her exhibition of billboards titled “I Promise to Love You” can be viewed every night for the month of February from 11:57 PM to midnight. Such lovely words to light up the night with. Sigh.








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7 thoughts on “I Promise to Love You

  1. Nice! I’m not much of a romantic, but those might sway me :)

  2. iamchp says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    I promise to love you.

  3. Reblogged this on Second Spring and commented:
    I stumbled upon this blog post and love it so I had to reblog it hope you don’t mind

  4. sgrmse. says:

    You’re definitely not alone in the “being a (undeterred) romantic” department.

    I feel like we should meet up(!) Coffee, tea, some you/me time? (:

  5. elisemart says:

    these are beautiful!

  6. pixiee601 says:

    Aww! These are incredibly beautiful! :D

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