A Tattoo for Dad

There’s always a story behind everything beautiful. This is the story of Kirk Wallace and his father.

Kirk Wallace is a Boston based designer, illustrator & artist. His father was diagnosed with cancer. A few weeks before his passing, he said that he wanted a tattoo of crop circles on his arm when he got better. Unfortunately he didn’t get better. His son Kirk designed this very cool looking tattoo and got it tattooed on his arm. Such a lovely dedication to his father innit?

I’ve seen photographs of this tattoo all over the net and always thought it looked really unique and designer-esque. I’m glad I looked it up and found the inspiration behind it. Check out more of Kirk’s work here. Have a happy Thursday everyone!







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7 thoughts on “A Tattoo for Dad

  1. Antara says:

    I did look him up and my god, he is so freakin’ talented! Each one of his works…simply amazing. And such a wonderful tattoo. These are the tattoos I love, ones with such meaning behind them.

  2. I Looked him up too and Antera was spot on…he is freakin’ talented! Thanks so much for this post!

  3. beautiful tattoo. Commendable for the son to give up a tattoo and fulfilled the wish of his father:)
    Cheerz to that:)

  4. Wow! what a great story – I love the lines and simple geometric shapes! I’ve always wanted a tattoo but have yet to be able to think of an image that would hold enough meaning for me to never get sick of seeing it. It’s a definitely a bit of a sad story but what a personal and beautiful “memorial”.

  5. Beverly Hills Graphic Design says:

    Love this design. I’m personally a professional graphic designer, work of mine found on my blog, and I continue to seek out new and fresh designs for inspiration.
    Thanks for the post

  6. tristene says:

    Beautiful tattoos, that’s some great work!

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