Jacopo Rosati

Felt is in. Jacopo Rosati has taken it to a whole new level.  The Italian illustrator has created a large collection of colourful designs made of plain felt. Snipping and trimming them into works of art. I can almost feel the fuzziness just looking at the editorial versions. And those x-rayed felt bones are so adorable.

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SOLEMI02: SETTIMANALE-T_MODA24-04 - 05  ... 14/12/12

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4 thoughts on “Jacopo Rosati

  1. TheStm198 says:

    It’s awesome! :) Loved all the designs! and definitely those bones! :)

  2. awesome pics..life on canvas:)

  3. stickyemma says:

    Epic felt designs wish I was as good as that in felt craft!

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