Paula Bonet’s Girls

Behold, the crazy beautiful portraiture work of one Paula Bonet. I love the detailing of the girls’ hair. So pretty. I also need to frame up the one with the girl’s face half underwater. It kind of looks like the pages of a whimsical children’s book. Illustrations like these make me miss drawing.  I really need to pick up my pen again.






tumblr_mpw2moKPIw1r13l3bo1_500 tumblr_mpw2moKPIw1r13l3bo2_500


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12 thoughts on “Paula Bonet’s Girls

  1. samleong says:


  2. beautifully crafted:)

  3. Jean crosbie says:

    Stunning , love them all , especially the octopus.

  4. Love your blog! You have great taste – all these artist’s are incredible!

  5. topa says:

    Simply great!

  6. rafaelobrero says:

    So nice!
    By the way I must say your blog is an open window where we can breathe beauty and inspiration… in each post you publish!
    Many thanks

  7. Laravonlion says:

    this is amazing

  8. Lena says:

    Awesome and inspirational… I love your blog; so glad to come across!!

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