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One Hundred Questions

What do people talk about nowadays? At cafes, at dinners. What are we really talking about? Are we gossiping? Are we backbiting? Are we saying what matters most to us to the people who matter the most? Here’s a question about questions: Are we asking the right ones?

The very creative folk at The School Of Life have it all figured out. (By the way, they are the same geniuses who came up with A Minibar for the Mind). They have now created One Hundred Questions you can answer or ask at your next get together with friends. Each card poses a question that is sure to start a meaningful conversation. Topics include:

– Personality & Emotions
– Sex & Relationships
– Family & Friendship
– Work & Money
– Travel, Culture & Taste
– Life & Death

I need to get my hands on this!








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Kelli Anderson’s Paperific Installation

I love books. It’s a bit of an obsession really. I only feel relaxed once I know there are books on my very full shelf that I haven’t read yet. It’s comforting.  Some book covers just call out to you don’t they? There is so much art involved in a book. From the writing of course to the design of the cover to the font used to best tell the story.  Just when you thought books couldn’t get any cooler, Kelli Anderson steps up to the plate and smashes it out of the park.

The 100% paper installation she set up for the New York Public Library is pure art. The detailing and craft is amazingly amazing. Plain paper forms sculptures that look exactly like (if not cooler) than the original book cover.









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