Wonderland Type

I found the perfect post for today. Because we could all use some whimsy in our lives. Wonderland Type is the alphabet on happy pills. Designed by Petra Blahova, each letter is an llustration of it’s own. I can imagine these letters headlining a folk music festival poster already.


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7 thoughts on “Wonderland Type

  1. apriltodd says:

    Such a beautiful type!! I want to design something to use it in…!

  2. Love the design patterns. simply fab:)

  3. adsj says:

    I love this! And yet, I’m very frustrated by it, as I’m trying to design business cards at the moment, and that is difficult when you love design but have no design skills. How come some people are so good?!

  4. pkmiguel says:

    A fan of creative typography here. It has really nice, deep colors that makes you want to melt into dreamland.

  5. felixmonica says:

    Reblogged this on monica felix and commented:

  6. Wow! A really creative typography… I love work like this that obviously have a lot of thought and effort behind it.

  7. nikute101 says:

    These are beautiful and so fun~ I really like the creativity of each letter

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