Body Systems

Take a look at these really interesting illustrations of our insides by Rachel Ignotofsky. She is both a graphic designer and illustrator who currently works at Hallmark Greetings co. If only our science books were filled with such drawings, children would be more interested in learning I’m sure. My favourite is the Nervous System. It’s so whimsical and peaceful looking at the same time.

CARDIOVASCULAR system by rachel ignotofsky copy

digestive system by rachel ignotofsky

nervous system  by rachel ignotofsky

respiratory system by rachel ignotofsky

skeletal system by rachel ignotofskyjpg

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6 thoughts on “Body Systems

  1. ventisqueras says:

    molto piacevole ed interessante

    very nice and interesting
    Thank you
    Good morning

  2. andthisiswhyiwilldiealonesurroundedbycats says:

    I love the skull on the skeletal system design.

  3. These are such cool designs!

  4. veracastille says:

    I loved it, it think this is really useful for children and young people. Thanks for sharing.

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