Nikon Photo Contest Trophy

Ooh this is so cool. You must look at this coolness.

Every year since 1969, the Nikon Corporation organizes The Nikon Photo Contest, an international photographic competition. This year they commissioned the very cool folks at Anonymous to conceptualize a rebranding exercise for the competition. (Yay rebranding exercises always mess with my head and make me see things from a whole new perspective of what a brand could be).
So Anonymous designed a new logo for the photo contest inspired by the universal act of framing an image with one’s hands. I love when ideas are simple like this. How clever is that?! The logo is now a fancy yet minimalistic trophy which looks cool from about eleventy-five different angles. And look at all the pretty colours they come in!
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2 thoughts on “Nikon Photo Contest Trophy

  1. JohnRH says:

    Cool trophy. Eleventy-five angles. That’s a lot!

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