Mini Street Art

I’ve always felt that every part of the street, city, building, country if you will, should be artistic.

Joe Iurato is making that happen one tiny step at a time with little wooden figurines that blend into an urban environment. Can you imagine walking to work and finding one of these little pieces of art? That sounds like a good day in the making to me.






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14 thoughts on “Mini Street Art

  1. ventisqueras says:

    grande creatività!

  2. those look photo-shopped in. I would be so amazed it it were the actual art!

  3. parotisse says:

    Very creative!

  4. Jules says:

    These look amazing,
    I wonder if he just placed them and took the photos or if he left them there…and how people responded to them.

  5. boorito says:

    The kick flip over the can remind me of Kenan Milton’s Girl Mouse part. So good! Every single one, but the one especially. R.I.P. KENAN MILTON!!!

  6. Body Art says:

    Wow, these photos look amazing. I like the child in the puddle the most and just wondering how it is done?

  7. kitkatys says:

    Amazing artworks indeed.

  8. i love your mini-street art! it’s cool. i have always loved art as a kid.. im looking forward to seeing more of your posts. :-)

    you may check me out at

  9. nataliekane611 says:

    this is incredible. exactly the kind of thing to make you stop and think, or at least smile! I love when I am too enveloped in my mind/day and encounter something like this. kudos to the artist! <3

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