Fine Art Redefined

Paris-based artist Jonathan Bréchignac just took the meaning of fine art to a whole new place. He creates super intricate illustrations of carpets covered in detailed patterns using regular ballpoint pens. The pieces are huge so they must take forever to finish. “The Blue Carpet” was done using ultraviolet ink so part of it glows in the dark. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler.







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15 thoughts on “Fine Art Redefined

  1. komarovstyle says:

    such a beautiful art….i love this

  2. oolung says:

    Ballpoint pen! This man has some patience… :)

  3. picassoplate says:

    Reblogged this on Picasso Plate and commented:
    Wow! Impressive!

  4. kitkatys says:

    With so much precision, creativity and real patience. :)

  5. Beyond the art itself, his systematic attention to detail and commitment to approach is admirable. The intricacy of the patterns are quite stunning.
    It takes a creative mind to recognize another so thank you for recognizing and sharing this artist’s truly original pieces.

  6. kali7h says:

    the level of detail is amazing!

  7. neillbarry says:

    That’s gold. Wow.
    Drop by at my blog.

  8. swo8 says:

    Looks like the cover side of a deck of cards. dry artistic and quite beautiful.

  9. swo8 says:

    Some how these computers have a mind of their own. That wasn’t what I said. It does remind me of the cover side of a deck of cards, but it is very artistic and quite beautiful.

  10. Isabel Sanz says:

    Such an amazing piece of art!

  11. bohemeamour says:

    Amazing work <3

  12. beeCharly says:

    Wow this is really cool :) Thank you for sharing

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