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NYC Bikers

Kurt McRobert has illustrated the many kinds of bikers who take to the streets of New York City. Which one are you?














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Electricity in the dark

Ooh, neon paint! Doesn’t that just turn up the volume of your Wednesday? I love this series of glow in the dark portraits by Hid Saib. Flickers of luminescent neon paint turn into works of art on these girls faces. I feel like these are screen shots from a very cool music video.







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1000 Lives

I love me some good artistic film. Christian Dior has launched “1000 Lives”, a new Dior Homme film featuring Robert Pattinson. It captures a character so beautiful in hidden moments that feel like memories.  It makes me want to spend a weekend with my camera, exploring everything everywhere.








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Paula Bonet’s Girls

Behold, the crazy beautiful portraiture work of one Paula Bonet. I love the detailing of the girls’ hair. So pretty. I also need to frame up the one with the girl’s face half underwater. It kind of looks like the pages of a whimsical children’s book. Illustrations like these make me miss drawing.  I really need to pick up my pen again.






tumblr_mpw2moKPIw1r13l3bo1_500 tumblr_mpw2moKPIw1r13l3bo2_500


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The Watercolourfic Illustrations of Chidi Wayne

Let’s add some watercolours to your Wednesday shall we.

Trendy is an illustrated fashion book filled with colourful illustrations by Chidi Wayne and Berto Martinez. This is some of Chidi’s work in the book. I’d love to see these on huge billboards!

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Tattly Packaging

You need to check out these Tattly packaging designs.I’ve been a fan of Tattly’s fun tattoos for awhile now and their new packaging design just makes it all better.  Each custom envelope holds 8 Tattly temporary (and very unique) tattoos. There are now over 250 designs available both online and in select retailers worldwide. I’m loving the little monsters tattoos for the kiddies.

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Deana Staffo

Designing for a slew of clients, Deana Staffo is no stranger to the illustration world. The Baltimore-based illustrator has such a distinct and unmistakable drawing style that I adore.

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Where fruits meet fashion illustration

I’ve featured Ekaterina Koroleva’s work before but I have to add another post about these new clever illustrations of hers. Inspired by the colours of fruits, these simple yet stunning pieces of work are fit for the walls of an art gallery.

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Needle and thread

Rebecca Chew is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. Right now she’s the art director of Esquire Malaysia and Esquire Singapore. It’s clear to see how she can fill both shoes so well. Her style and imagination are on a whole other level. Only one of many examples is this piece – lettering stitched for the Fall Fashion Issue of Esquire. So clever, so hard, and oh so good.

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Introducing, Ugmonk – a brand centered around the love of typography and minimalism founded by 25-year-old Jeff Sheldon. Their designs are so clean and just plain beautiful. I fell in love with their 4th Anniversary set, then found their blog which is designed to perfection (Check out the About section), THEN I got to their shop and added lots of tees to my wish list. One amazing thing after another I say. What a great find.

So first up, their 4th Anniversary set – I love the number 4 AND stamps so this is straight from heaven for me. The package includes lim­ited edi­tion goods includ­ing a gorgeous t-shirt, a let­ter­press block made from reclaimed Ginkgo wood, and a cotton muslin pouch to hold the letterpress blocks all in a laser engraved birch wood custom designed tube.

Next stop, their lovely Shop. I chose a few of my favourite items to showcase but there are lots more to choose from.

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