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I found these Chomp puzzle books designed by Mirim and had to share it. They’re so adorable! The books are designed to teach kids about basic food chains in different environments; Forest, Ocean, Arctic, Jungle, and Desert. Is there a cuter way to educate your kids? No. No there isn’t. I do love how all the wooden animals connect to one another and form their own puzzle – which doubles up as an explanation about how each animal is vital to the food chain process!





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The Q

Designed by Andreas M Hansen, the Q is the world’s first social camera. In today’s world we’re all about connecting and sharing no? This very hipster/cool/clever invention has amazing design aesthetics all round. From their advertising to the product itself and all its applications.

I particularly like the Q’s manifesto:

To get the most out of life, you have to embrace the new. There are new places, and new people. New experiences, and new feelings. New highs…and new lows. But it’s always worth giving it a shot. After all, if we never did anything out of the ordinary, then no one would have any stories to tell. We wouldn’t be able to make moments special. Memories wouldn’t be worth sharing. So, it’s a good thing we can make the ordinary extraordinary. Because if you don’t limit your expectations, you’ll find that there’s no end to the possibilities. You can do the unexpected. You can go the extra mile. You can live in the moment. So give it a shot. Shoot for the sky. Shoot for the stars. Just shut up and shoot.”


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Candy coloured candles

Time for some pretty packaging people. I want to eat these candles by bella j. Something about the colours makes me think of candy. Hip hip hooray and Tie-dye are my favourites. The delectable designs are by New York based artist Sujean Rim. These lines in her about section kind of just made my day – “As a kid, I loved running around my cement backyard and enjoyed Sundays, when I could read Charles Schulz’s Peanuts in the paper and watch Bugs Bunny all morning with a giant bowl of Cocoa Pebbles. Comics, cartoons and picture books inspired me to draw and want to be an artist. I wanted to be everything from a painter to a sculptor.”








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Playful Packaging

These tangram-like packaging designs look like hours of fun just waiting to be had. Designed by Ken Lo, founder of BLOW design studio in Hong Kong, the packaging is made of astrobrights paper. The little boxes are for wine, chocolate, mooncake and tea.







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One Hundred Questions

What do people talk about nowadays? At cafes, at dinners. What are we really talking about? Are we gossiping? Are we backbiting? Are we saying what matters most to us to the people who matter the most? Here’s a question about questions: Are we asking the right ones?

The very creative folk at The School Of Life have it all figured out. (By the way, they are the same geniuses who came up with A Minibar for the Mind). They have now created One Hundred Questions you can answer or ask at your next get together with friends. Each card poses a question that is sure to start a meaningful conversation. Topics include:

– Personality & Emotions
– Sex & Relationships
– Family & Friendship
– Work & Money
– Travel, Culture & Taste
– Life & Death

I need to get my hands on this!








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Cookies are proof that life is good

Designed by Ferroconcrete in Los Angeles, these colourful cookies speak to you off the shelves with very clever insights on well, cookies! Such refreshing packaging design always brightens up the aisles of a supermarket.

On a side note, this was on Ferroconcrete’s site: “How do you fall in love? You may be attracted to the looks, but you fall in love with the personality. It’s the same for any brand. It’s our job to fall in love with your brand and pass it on.” What a lovely way to describe a brand. Why can’t more advertising folk speak like this?






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Good design is for good clients

I wish I could stamp this on my client’s foreheads. Or on their briefs. Designed by vbg as a new years compliment to their clients, these stamps read “Good design is for good clients”. So simple and so true.

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01_23_13_stamps_5 01_23_13_stamps_6


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Prediction Coasters

Coasters just got fun people.

These four coast­ers have pre­dic­tions on them! Each coaster pro­vides for­tunes for a dif­fer­ent aspect of your life: Love, Happiness, Career and Adventure. I love the simple yet very appealing predictions. My favourites are Meet a handsome stranger, You will travel around the world, You will reconnect with an old flame and You will meet someone who makes you swoon. Designed by the good people at Seamless Creative.












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Humunuku Soap Packaging

Based in New York, Humunuku is run by husband and wife, Alana & Cisco. Their boutique style print studio was founded back in 2008 and specialises in screen printed goods and textiles. Like the prints on these bars of soap which are so elegantly done. It’s really simple but has such impact. Almost like an African tribal print no?







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Chocolates with atittude

Created by Bessermachen, these gorgeous chocolates with attitude are designed to fit your personality. Which one are you?

1_6_12_ chocoattitude_11_6_12_ chocoattitude_21_6_12_ chocoattitude_3

1_6_12_ chocoattitude_4

1_6_12_ chocoattitude_5 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_6 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_7 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_11 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_13 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_15 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_18 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_20 1_6_12_ chocoattitude_26

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