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God’s Perspective of the Macy’s Day Parade

From the same aerial photography master that brought you these amazing snaps of New York City from way up high, I bring you the Macy’s Day Parade like you’ve never seen before. Navid Baraty once again has us all in a sense of awe.


















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Lincoln website

I haven’t seen Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ but the website is something to behold. An elegant flashback into the olden days, the art direction honours the time period and has a dash of modernity as well. Designed by the good people at Watson, Lincoln’s site is a great teaser to get people to go buy a ticket.


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I’m freelancing!

Hi all,

This special weekend update is to announce that I’m now freelancing!

I’ve been freelancing as a graphic designer for some time now but I’ve never officially put the word out. So here it is! Pass the word around and let me know if you need anything! Thanks everyone :)



Ed McGowan’s Photo-a-Day Project in China

On my recent trip to China I snapped lots of photographs of the places we visited. Each city had something new and different that I wanted to remember. On Ed McGowan’s trip however, he snapped just one photograph a day. I honestly wish he had taken more only because his photographs are so gorgeous.

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Sweet Exchange

I came across this really gorgeous print catalog design with ice cream everywhere and just had to make it part of the Little Commas family. Designed by Natalie Krick, a student majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design, the catalog serves as an introduction of a partnership between Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and Two Caterers. Target audience: newlyweds. The entire “sweet exchange” idea is so very clever and apt. I’m loving that sign too.

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Classy Pasta Brand Identity

Firstly, I just want to say that I haven’t been updating because I’ve been sick and resting at home. Now I’m better and ready to share my findings with all and sundry!

Holy mother of all Brand Identity. This is the classy defined for an Italian pasta brand by student Yanko Djarov. Can I just plug this here – student work today is some kind of fabulous. I digress. La Forma Saporita means “the tasty shape” and is supposed to be an Italian brand that manufactures pasta goods.


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Johan Thörnqvist

I love these creative combinations of photography and illustration by Johan Thörnqvist. The way he turns an ordinary photograph of something menial into a world inside his head is really fascinating. Take a look and get a little lost.


Tattly Packaging

You need to check out these Tattly packaging designs.I’ve been a fan of Tattly’s fun tattoos for awhile now and their new packaging design just makes it all better.  Each custom envelope holds 8 Tattly temporary (and very unique) tattoos. There are now over 250 designs available both online and in select retailers worldwide. I’m loving the little monsters tattoos for the kiddies.

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Needle and thread

Rebecca Chew is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. Right now she’s the art director of Esquire Malaysia and Esquire Singapore. It’s clear to see how she can fill both shoes so well. Her style and imagination are on a whole other level. Only one of many examples is this piece – lettering stitched for the Fall Fashion Issue of Esquire. So clever, so hard, and oh so good.

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Rats of the Sky Get a Makeover

Berlin-based artists Julius von Bismarck and Julian Charriere pulled of this creative idea where they dyed the local pigeons of Venice in conjunction with this years Venice Biennale. Popularly dubbed “rats of the sky”, these pigeons were transformed into brightly coloured birds when they were spray painted with a non-harmful dye in a specially created booth.

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