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Don’t text, whistle and drive

Paper art amazingness time.

The very talented Ink Studio created this little world that I’d love to discover in miniature size. I think their sketches alone are works of art. But what they did with paper kind of blows my mind. How cute is their message – “Don’t text, whistle and drive instead.”










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I love me some Tumblr time. I find all kinds of different things I love like photography, quotes, design inspiration, fashion. I found Betype one day and it’s a great source of typography inspiration and ideas when you’re going through designer’s block.






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Sensus Design Posters

Based in Croatia, Sensus Design is the award-winning design agency that produced these beautiful posters.

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Inject a little colour into your Wednesday why don’t you?

Beastman has an uber colourful fix to brighten up a dreary day. Based in Sydney, his work is strongly influenced by nature’s  geometric patterns and lines. He has created artwork for clients such as Hyundai, Smirnoff, Red Bull and Tiger Beer.

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Rob Bailey

Sharp, precise and colourific, Rob Bailey designs modern art that has depth and perspective that I just can’t stop looking at. I especially love them doggies!

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Brent Couchman

Thursday’s child likes design that emanates the words “Happy happy joy joy”. Brent Couchman’s work does just that.  Cute illustrations, tick. Happy colours, tick.

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Based in Tokyo, Haroshi is  a self-taught artist who makes realistic sculptures out of skateboards. I had to chance to see his pieces when they were exhibited in a gallery here. I love how the glossy surface of the sculpture suddenly breaks off to reveal sharp wooden fragments.  They’re colourful, shiny, smooth and look nothing like skateboards!

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The Visual Mixtape

What are your favourite albums?

This is a beautiful and creative compilation of Noa Emberson’s favourites. 25 to be exact. They’d look lovely framed up and hung in a home.

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The Little Creatures That Live Among Us

Self-professed salad enthusiast, Jon Burgerman’s wonky colourful characters are on everything from wallpapers to magazines. His FAQ section on his site is an insight to the man’s wit and humility for someone so famous.


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Look at all the Pretty Cities

Vesa Sammalisto is a Finnish illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin, Germany. Loving all the structured details in his pieces.

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