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The Magpie

New year, new drawings :)

I’ve added new goodies to the store: www.etsy.com/shop/chellythemagpie

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Hello Etsy

I’m officially on Etsy guys!

I hope you guys drop by and check out what I have in store. It’s mostly illustrations for now but I’ve got plans for lots more coming soon :)

Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s on sale.


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Beer+Food Calendar

As the year draws to an end, we are all on the lookout for a designer calendar to carry us through the coming year. My beer and food loving friends, I bring you – the Beer+Food Calendar. Simply named, all 12 months feature an illustrated variety of beer and its ideal food mate.

Best part is, each month can be trimmed to be used as art or a postcard!

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Acorn & Whale Prints

These prints by Acorn & Whale are the perfect accompaniment to any home depending on the personality of the person living there. I like that the props really compliment the message too.

It seems fitting for a Friday post to end the week with. Happy weekend everyone.


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Kidivist Mobile

I recently came across Kidivist from Berlin on Etsy after spotting their gorgeous mobiles. Their origami animals are such an interesting take on a typical baby mobile and honestly, I’d hang them around my place as art if I could. (I can’t because my cats would be attacking the pretty things.)

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Artisanie Little Homes

Artisanie is an adorable Etsy find I came across and just had to share. I love little homes and I’ve blogged about quite a few but these are detailed really nicely and are so pretty in pastel! How lovely to get one of them (or an entire street of them) as a gift.

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