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Cookies are proof that life is good

Designed by Ferroconcrete in Los Angeles, these colourful cookies speak to you off the shelves with very clever insights on well, cookies! Such refreshing packaging design always brightens up the aisles of a supermarket.

On a side note, this was on Ferroconcrete’s site: “How do you fall in love? You may be attracted to the looks, but you fall in love with the personality. It’s the same for any brand. It’s our job to fall in love with your brand and pass it on.” What a lovely way to describe a brand. Why can’t more advertising folk speak like this?






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Macaroons always get the prettiest packaging designs. These are from Mexico based studio Anagrama. Sampling the brush strokes of French postimpressionist Pierre Bonnard, the line was designed for a tea and confectionary shop. The overall look is both effortless and classy. Those pastel colour combinations are lovely too.






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Pretty Pasta Packaging

I’d buy these pastas just for the boxes! Each box is so happy and colourful. Designed by Alessia Olivari, each pasta has a different pattern that recalls Italian tradition.

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Astrid Stavro Studio Labels

 Astrid Stavro Studio designed the pretty labeling for these jars of Son Brusque food products. Anything hand scrawled is always high on my list of artsy likings.

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The Bitter Chocolatier

This one is for all you packaging fans out there.

Designed by Migeul Molina, these beautiful and witty designs hold true stories wrapped in ironic humour about the owner’s real life experiences. Corked glass jars? Sold.

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Delikatesskungen Packaging

Besides trying to say Delikatesskungen, feast your eyes on the prettiest salami sausage packaging ever designed by the folks at Planet Creative.


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Laura Berglund

Reve is an upscale hot air balloon company that offers gourmet picnic wherever you land. What a lovely idea. Even lovelier, Laura’s packaging design.

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