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The Magpie

New year, new drawings :)

I’ve added new goodies to the store: www.etsy.com/shop/chellythemagpie

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Hello Etsy

I’m officially on Etsy guys!

I hope you guys drop by and check out what I have in store. It’s mostly illustrations for now but I’ve got plans for lots more coming soon :)

Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s on sale.


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I have fallen in love with the art of hand lettering.

One of my favourite artists is Jasmine Dowling. Her work looks so effortless and classy at the same time. She also hand letters really nice quotes – not just random things. Sigh, it’s just so pretty. Enjoy.

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Walk this World

Walk this World is the first children’s book from the very talented Finnish illustrator and art director, Lotta Nieminen. I can see her Finnish influences in her illustration style so clearly! I could very well get happily lost in her site for hours (which I shall treat myself to after I post this). The book teaches children about cultural similarities and differences of people from around the world. How lovely to learn about the world through Lotta’s beautiful and colourful illustrations! There are over 80 flaps that open and reveal even more gorgeousness. I do love a book with surprise open up flaps!








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Wonderland Type

I found the perfect post for today. Because we could all use some whimsy in our lives. Wonderland Type is the alphabet on happy pills. Designed by Petra Blahova, each letter is an llustration of it’s own. I can imagine these letters headlining a folk music festival poster already.


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Paula Bonet’s Girls

Behold, the crazy beautiful portraiture work of one Paula Bonet. I love the detailing of the girls’ hair. So pretty. I also need to frame up the one with the girl’s face half underwater. It kind of looks like the pages of a whimsical children’s book. Illustrations like these make me miss drawing.  I really need to pick up my pen again.






tumblr_mpw2moKPIw1r13l3bo1_500 tumblr_mpw2moKPIw1r13l3bo2_500


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Emerald Snow

I found the perfect artist for a Friday – Emerald Snow. Doesn’t the name alone make you think of relaxing with a warm (preferably spiked) cup of comforting goodness while watching the raindrops make their way down your window? The artist’s name is in fact Paulina and she hails from Slovak which influences her very detailed prints. I love the way she mixes her muted colours – check them out here. Happy weekend everyone!


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Jon Klassen

Jon Klassen’s work is both sharp and dreamy all at once. The softness of watercolour and the hard edged strong illustrations make for a fascinating combination. Love.

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Oliver Jeffers

These adorable artsy illustrations are by Oliver Jeffers.His clients include Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England! (Yup you read right). I especially love his handwriting :)

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Angus Hyland Book Cover Designs

I’m a sucker for a good book cover design. These are by Angus Hyland of Pentagram. How could you not judge a book by their beautifully designed covers?

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