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NYC Bikers

Kurt McRobert has illustrated the many kinds of bikers who take to the streets of New York City. Which one are you?














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Paula Bonet’s Girls

Behold, the crazy beautiful portraiture work of one Paula Bonet. I love the detailing of the girls’ hair. So pretty. I also need to frame up the one with the girl’s face half underwater. It kind of looks like the pages of a whimsical children’s book. Illustrations like these make me miss drawing.  I really need to pick up my pen again.






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The Watercolourfic Illustrations of Chidi Wayne

Let’s add some watercolours to your Wednesday shall we.

Trendy is an illustrated fashion book filled with colourful illustrations by Chidi Wayne and Berto Martinez. This is some of Chidi’s work in the book. I’d love to see these on huge billboards!

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Laura Carlin

Lookie, little hand painted animals! The cutest things. They’d make for great posters in nurseries or even in the living room. I’ve got my eye on the first one. Designed by Laura Carlin, little people, animals and buildings are all intricate and bathed in water colour goodness.






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Where fruits meet fashion illustration

I’ve featured Ekaterina Koroleva’s work before but I have to add another post about these new clever illustrations of hers. Inspired by the colours of fruits, these simple yet stunning pieces of work are fit for the walls of an art gallery.

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Jon Klassen

Jon Klassen’s work is both sharp and dreamy all at once. The softness of watercolour and the hard edged strong illustrations make for a fascinating combination. Love.

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Malissa Ryder

These dreamy wistful watercolour paintings by Malissa Ryder are so calming and the perfect way to start the week.

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Lucile Prache

Because we could all use a little colour in our lives and I just got some news that is going to make my home life unbearable. So here are some happy colourful illustrations by Lucile Prache that I can stare at to feel better.

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Ekaterina Koroleva

Based in Berlin, Ekaterina Koroleva’s fashion illustration is a dreamy mix of watercolour and pencil drawings. This is art that I would love to see hanging on the walls of an artsy cafe.

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The Colours Your Letters Hold

Sasha Prood has cleverly combined two design elements I love – watercolour and typography; and as a result, here are the gorgeous combinations.







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