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Handlettering love

I’ve been lettering loads to keep me sane and mindful. A therapy of sorts.

Drop by and say hi at chellyletters on Instagram.



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For the love of Bo

I have some favourite videos and pieces of writing that I always go back to for inspiration. Whether it’s for a new idea or for when my brain just needs some inspiration; a reminder that good writing and emotion still exists in the world. Hoping that some of it will rub off on me and spark my creative neurons.

An all time favourite, is Bo.


It’s simple, but real. Almost like a secret revealed in the form of memory.

Of course, the fact that it’s in French only adds to its charm.



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A Beautiful Revolution

Andre Jordan’s work is both adorable and witty. His array of artistic illustrations and written words are simple and touching all at once. And sometimes downright hilarious.

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I want to be with you, next to you, talk to you, play with you

Reading beautiful words is one thing. Having them written as an art is another. Combine the two, and it’s the artistry of Chris Ballasiotes.



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